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Android Game Development

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Android Game Development

It has been completely possible today to see that the mobile gaming industry has reached a very different point. In fact, it is necessary to open a separate window for the mobile game industry. Because we can see that there are more applications and games on the Android side compared to iOS and Android. The free game options have a share in this. Android game development stages have become a point that everyone is curious about.

First of all, when you decide to develop games for the Andorid platform, you may come across some applications. Even if you do not have any knowledge, these applications that help you create games or applications offer a very limited volume of options. Instead, it would be a much more accurate move to make Android games from scratch with Unity 3D.

Android Game Development Programs

Unity 3D is a Russian origin project designed years ago to allow us to play games over the internet without the need to download them. It was not until 2012 that it turned into game modeling software. After this process, it allowed game development not only for Android but also for iOS, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Flash Player and Web Player.

Unity 3D game engine, developed using C and C ++, offers you many language options. You can design all functions, images and game dynamics in the program, which includes many features. The only thing you need to know for this is to know one of the software languages. Then you can find an idea and start developing the Android game you want. Cry Engine and Unreal Engine game engines are more advanced professional game engines that you can bring a completely different breath to the games you start with Unity 3D.

Which Language Is Android Game Development Made With?

We said that the Unity 3D game engine, which is recommended for those who want to write Android games, was created with C and C ++. Here, it is possible for those who want to make Android games with Unity 3D to use Java, C #, Boo and DirectX. Of course, Unity 3D is not a monopoly at this point. So there are many alternatives and it is possible to create games using them. However, let’s not forget that it is the most popular Android game development engine globally.

Since you can write games with many game engines, it may be possible to use different languages. But often C # and Java are at the core of the business. With Unity 3D, you can use both languages ​​and sign many game projects. It is not limited to Android, but also allows you to make game improvements for IOS, Wii and PS3.

How to Add Android Games to Google Play Store?

Some details may be extremely important for you at the stage of making an Android game. First of all, it should not be forgotten that this may have a commercial dimension. Every day we witness games that have been bought or sold, that are worth millions of dollars. Therefore, when designing a game with Unity 3D, you should be aware of this. In addition to being a game engine that is offered completely free of charge, it can receive commission after a certain success after adding the game to the application markets.

Looking at these official sources reveals that you must have earned more than 100 thousand units. In other words, Unity 3D can have a certain share after the Android game you designed earns you this amount. Thanks to its simplified interface, it is much easier to use than other game engines. It is a step that should not be missed, as it enables you to design games on 8 different platforms. With the Unity 3D part like this, you have to pay a $ 25 fee to upload games to the Google Play Store as a developer.

Android Game Development Recommendations

You can project a brilliant idea that comes to mind at the point of Android game development. However, doing nothing is not always the best idea. Games can be divided into many different groups, such as interconnected, independent, graphic or story oriented. Your inspiration may have inspired other games.

It is important to ignore all these and focus on the game and maximize the user experience. You will find the right development phase when you think of yourself as a player and what will grab your attention. After developing a game with Unity 3D, you should definitely continue with Unreal Engine or Cry Engine and create higher level graphics and playing dynamics.

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