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How to Connect Mobile Phone to TV?

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How to Connect Mobile Phone to TV?
With the rapid advancement of technology in recent years, products with magnificent features are produced in electronic tools and equipment. Due to the problems in the past when connecting

with the cable, users prefer wireless connection because it is an easier method to get rid of cable clutter. There must be a connection to connect the mobile phone to the TV and for us to receive the

connection on the TV. You can make these connections with wireless, cable application, bluetooth or any device. WIFI is required to wirelessly project the image on the phone to the TV. It should

be ensured that the two devices required for this are compatible with each other. We can connect it to the TV by paying attention to features such as IOS, Android, Microsoft compatibility. As a

result of this process;

• Video transfer may occur.

• You can project a screen image.

• You can stream photos and slides to the TV.

• You can enjoy the pleasure of watching in a larger and more comfortable way by transferring the movie on the phone to the TV without internet.

Connecting the phone to the TV also benefits us; Our internet spending will decrease significantly, and the heating of the phone will decrease significantly. It has harm as well as benefits. If the TV

screen does not show some graphics, it may damage the screen. There are things we need to do to perform these operations. Each device has a different setting. By paying attention to these steps,

we can easily connect the phone to the TV.

If your TV is Smart TV

If the TV you use is a Smart TV, it is very easy to establish a connection. You can turn on the wifi feature of your mobile phone and connect it to your TV. Your mobile phone, tablet or computer

must be connected to the same wifi network as your TV. You can connect your phone to the TV with Miracast technology or DLNA connections, which are the most used by Android. If the

Samsung device has the ALLShare application, you can transfer media to the TV with this application. The required action is to open the ALLShare application and select the content to be

transferred. If you are using an iPhone, it is necessary to use the IOS application that provides wireless streaming from the phone to the TV.

If Your TV Is Not Smart TV

If you are an Android user, you can use Google Chromecast to connect to a non-Smart TV TV. With this application, transferring the media stream to the TV, you can directly transfer it to the TV.

After performing this process, it is necessary to find the icon in the application by activating the Cast area from the Quick Settings menu in the Android notification area. Some TVs may not have

Chromecast feature. In this case, connection can be made with HDMI cables. For this you can buy Slimport converter for LG G2, LG G3, LG G4 devices. If your phone is IOS and you do not have a

smart TV, there are some devices to connect your iPhone to the TV wirelessly to connect your phone to the TV. Apple TV that offers AirPlay feature must be purchased. To mirror the iPhone image

to the TV, we need to open the screen mirroring section in the control center or the Apple TV icon.

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