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How to fix App Not Installed error on Android 2020

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How to fix App Not Installed error on Android is a common problem faced by many users. This is one of the biggest drawbacks faced by users of Android devices. Why is it so? It’s because this error message is shown continuously for every installed application that you have on your device. It also happens if you uninstall some applications but still have the error on your screen. To fix this, read the article below to know some simple steps that you can take.

First of all, if you are facing this problem, do not forget to uninstall any application from your system. It’s because you might have accidentally installed an application without your permission. Now uninstall the application safely by clicking on the “Uninstall” or “Remove” button from the menu that is displayed on the screen. You can follow any prompts offered by the system in order to completely remove the program from your phone.


Next step to solve your problem on how to fix App not installed error for Android is to reinstall the particular program that you have problem with. To do that, you need to go to your device’s” Developer Options “section and click on” Reset / Reset Settings”. After that, look for the check box and push the plus sign. This will bring you to the installer settings where you can select “Reset settings now”. Finally, you can click on “reboot” to start the process of rebooting your phone.

How to fix App not installed error for Android if you have factory settings is to use custom settings. This is possible if you are going to restore your phone to its factory settings. To do that, select” About Plone” from the “Settings” page. On the screen, tap the “Build Number” and you will be taken to the build number you used in your original software. If you have already used a different build number, just choose the new one.

The next step to solve the error is to go to “Settings” and tap on “Data Connection”. You should see a list of all the data connections you have installed on your device such as Bluetooth, USB, MMS and others. Tap on each connection and see if it is working properly or not. If the error message still persists, you can try to install some additional applications on your device.

Finally, if none of the steps above fixed the error, you need to check your android for a virus or spyware. A virus will cause your phone to show all kinds of errors. It will also prevent you from getting an email. Spyware is just as dangerous because it will gather information about what you are doing. So, if you want to know how to fix App not installed error for Android, download antivirus and spyware removal applications.


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