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How to Open an Instagram Account?

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Instagram account opening and usage
The Instagram application, which occupies a large place in the lives of the most used people today, is the most popular social media tool with pictures and videos. The number of users is increasing day by day. It is a platform used by product sales, brands and marketing in the field of sales and personal users. It is quite easy to have an Instagram account, it is possible to login with IOS with an Android phone with a browser from the phone.

How to Open an Instagram Account?
Opening an Instagram account on the Android system and the IOS system is the same. The Instagram application is downloaded from the Play Store application on Android phones. Applications are downloaded from APP Store markets on IOS phones. We follow the following processes to open Instagram;
1. To open an Instagram account from the phone, we first need to download the Instagram application.
2. After downloading the Instagram application, click on the logo to enter the main screen of the application.
3. Instagram’s landing page will be the login screen, the “Don’t have an account?” Tap the text. Since you will be registered later, the “Register” button below is clicked.
4. On the next screen, the options of “Register with your e-mail address or phone number” appear, we have to choose one. When we log in with a phone number, the confirmation code is sent to our phone via SMS. We need to confirm by clicking on the SMS sent to the phone.
5. In the next step, the screen will appear, and you will enter your mobile phone or e-mail address that we used in the first step. In the second step, enter your name and surname. In the third step, write the name you will use in your Instagram account. After determining your password in the fourth step, click the “Register” button.
6. Instagram will be ready for use.


Instagram Account Usage
Instagram is very easy and simple to use. After opening the Instagram account, you must first make your own profile settings. You must post a profile photo. If you want your account to be hidden, you can make your account hide. If a user wants to add you as a friend, they will send you a request and then a delete request and accept button. If you click the accept button, your page will be displayed by the user you were added to. You can invite your friends to your Instagram page by connecting on Facebook. Posts from people you accept as friends will land on your page and the screen will scroll down. It reveals the people you have added a house sign on the bottom left of your phone, and the shares of your contacts. The magnifying glass button at the bottom and next to the sign is called the discover tab. In the Discover tab, shares that attract your attention and attract attention in the world are made.

You can like, comment and follow the posts you like in discovery. There is a search section at the top of the page. From this section, you can find your friends by typing their usernames. Press the + button in the middle of it and select an image from your gallery and press the forward button at the top right. Then, filters will appear on the screen that opens, you can apply the filter you like to your picture and share. The button with a heart shows the likes and comments you have received.

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