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How to set up a Website?

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How to Set Up a Website?

Today, with the high importance of the digital world, having a space in the virtual world is equally important. In this context, although it is possible to leave a mark on the digital world through various blog pages or social media tools, the most functional aspect of coming to the forefront in the virtual environment is to establish a website and therefore have a website.

How to set up a website?
In addition to the fact that there are more than one method that can be used to set up a website, the most basic determinant is for what purposes and for what reasons the website will be established in order to choose the most appropriate choice among these methods. It should be noted that there are two different methods in this context. It is possible to build a website from scratch, as well as complete website creation processes through hosting websites that provide website building services.

1. Building a website from scratch

The process to follow to set up a website from scratch is as follows:

• The purpose and purpose of the site should be determined.

• Domain (Domain Name) must be purchased.

• Hosting must be purchased. Many different companies can be used in this regard.

• HTML coding should be done to create the skeleton of the site.

• The infrastructure of the website should be created with JavaScript or similar software.

• Website design should be done

With these processes, the process of building a website from scratch is completed.

2. Websites Providing Website Setup Services
As can be known, many professional websites nowadays provide the completion of the website setup process through certain tools and ready-made templates. In this context, it is quite possible to establish many types of websites, from E-Commerce site to personal website, through these ready-made tools and templates.
Therefore, another preference to set up a website is to create the desired design and complete the process through the sites that provide such professional web services.

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