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How to Install Apk ?

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Do you have a PC?

You can install apk together with the emulator CLİCK 

How the manage apk files and  how to save apk files :

In this article, you gonna find;all apk problems,how to setup apk,how to manage apk,how to install apk,how to setup apk on your device and how to setup apk on your android device and how to setup apk on your ios devices.

So basically, before all to setup apk is in this moment highly need.Because some new phones especially huawei new devices doesnt support google application store ( google app store).And need some extra permissions.In this case we will show you how to install apk to your deviced and setup it.

What does it mean Apk ?

A mean of APK is :Android package kit. Its like an exe for windows, you download and going to setup on your windows devices.

Why use Apk files?

I told the story about it when you page up!

And apk is kind of exe for android and ios devices, which means you can download and setup on your devices, so apk means simply and basically installer file for your devices.

As quckly searching on google shows some tricks about that,even doesnt need download sometimes because huawei made it basic for their android costumers.When you open your devices you can find on top what you need, for example, facebook apk,whatsapp apk,game apk,tinder apk,gmail apk,viber apk,messenger apk, youtube apk and ect.Apk means which you cant see on google app store or ios app store what u need application you can find on internet download shortcut.

Only open your browse / chrome or whatever else try search which u need apk for aplication.For example you are searching for facebook apk or , google apk , just type it for what you need ‘facebook apk’ and go download apk version.

Just click it when you found your exactly files and download.

Lets say you have download facebook apk, and wanna setup, how to setup facebook apk on your device?

Here you gonna find about android devices:

Firstly open installing,let prepare your devices for installing.Go to settings – security- scrool down enable: ‘unknown app’ then give all of permissions. And then turn back to apk file and start setup.Its done.


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