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January 30, 2020
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Stack Ball 3D
Stack Ball 3D has become one of Azur Interactive Games Limited’s most admired games. The game gained such popularity in 2020 that it was frequently shown among the most beautiful games of 2020 on many platforms. The size of the game is approximately 85 MB. The game, which is neither small nor large, has only English language support. However, you won’t need much English to play or understand the game.

Stack 3d Balls 300x300

Stack Ball 3D Features
Considering the Stack Ball 3D features, it is possible to talk about many things. Because the game really has a complex structure. Although the logic is clear, it is not easy to put this logic into practice. There is no online mode in the game. It is played as a single player. You can start approving the game as soon as you download it. In addition, you can easily play this game in places that do not have network, such as subway, tunnel. Games that offer offline support are always seen as a plus for game lovers. Stack Ball 3D mobile game has also won the hearts of game lovers with this aspect.

How to Play Stack Ball 3D?
How to play Stack Ball 3D? The game logic is actually quite clear. At the top of a rotating spiral platform there is a bouncing ball. This ball never stands still. The aim is to carry this jiggling ball to the bottom of the helix without dropping it. The game is very realistic because it is 3-dimensional, and as the spiral structure turns, it becomes very difficult to control the ball. Especially when it accelerates in some parts of the game.

Although it came easy when describing the Stack Ball 3D game, it is not so. The bouncing ball smashes the colored platforms like a brick every time you touch the screen. However, there are also black blocks among these platforms. The bouncing ball must reach the floor without touching these black blocks. If the ball touches the black block, the ball breaks into pieces and you have to start the game all over again. You can develop different strategies in the game. While in some places it is necessary to accelerate excessively, in some places it is necessary to act very slowly and in a controlled manner. This is all about getting used to the game. Download now and enjoy this unique game.


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